The Wisconsin Room is a collective of musicians aimed at promoting Wisconsin artists to an international audience as well as bringing world-class talent from elsewhere to Wisconsin. It started out as a private showcase room at the Folk Alliance International Conferencewhich has been held in Kansas City for the past 5 years (but will be in Montreal in 2019), showcasing WI artists alongside hugely talented folks from around the world. If you’re not familiar with FAI- it’s an amazing conference, music festival and networking event rolled into one crazy week. From about 10pm to 4am, dozens of hotel rooms are turned into mini-venues, each showcasing a carefully chosen lineup of artists. Our room was started by Wisconsin musicians Josh Harty and Anna Vogelzang along with Jess Parvin and now includes Sarah Lou Richards as co-organizer. Anna & Josh had been attending Folk Alliance for many years but were looking for a “home base” at the conference as well as an incentive to bring more of their talented friends to the conference from Wisconsin. Now in it’s 5th year, the Wisconsin Room has grown as not just a place to showcase, but an organization that raises money & other donations to provide WI artists with a means to attending this event that can be so beneficial for their careers. We also promote concerts at various venues in Madison as “The Wisconsin Room Presents”.